Quality roof skylights in Windsor South

skylightsSkylights with style and service that shines

Roof skylights are excellent way to bring the natural light of the sun into a room. Sunlight energises people and provides light so that we can reduce power costs and our carbon footprint. Skylights from P&J’s Skylights are attractive, affordable, quality products that will leave you smiling.

Skylights for home

P&J’s Skylights has a wonderful range of roof skylights that can be easily fitted into standard roofing. Our team will help you choose the best skylight to suit your home and budget. We will have your quality P&J’s Skylights skylight installed quickly and safely. You can relax with the reassurance of our quality guarantee.

Commercial skylights

There are often rooms in commercial buildings that cannot have windows in their walls, so roof windows are the perfect solution! Transform a dark space into an inviting, light filled space. You will see a difference in productivity and employee morale in a brighter environment. Skylights are perfect for any building including schools, shopping centres, sports facilities and more! Reduce the need for electric lighting and you will reduce the costs and your environmental impact. Installing skylights from P&J’s Skylights is a positive choice!

Custom skylights

P&J’s Skylights can design custom skylights to suit your unique needs. We cater for structures that are non-standard sizes and shapes, alternative materials, and unique aesthetic preferences. Talk to one of our experts about your desires today.