Windsor South’s brightest homes and businesses get their skylights from us.

Light up the room with P&J’s Skylights and feel the benefits.

A skylight opens up a room and floods it with natural sunlight, creating a more pleasing, welcoming and positive environment.

Natural lighting is proven to have a positive emotional effect on people at home and in the workplace. Now that is a priceless benefit!

Skylights are an effective and eco-friendly lighting solution. They are cost effective because they reduce the need for electric lighting and lower your power bill. Choose from our beautiful range of quality skylights and flood your Windsor South home or business with energising, clean and natural light!

Talk to one of our experienced consultants about getting a brighter life today!

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At P&J’s Skylights, we provide complete services, including:

  • Custom design
  • Installation
  • Advice
  • Quality guarantee

We have everything you need for skylights and the most competitive prices in Windsor South.


About Us

P&J’s Skylights is committed to supplying high quality products and providing reliable and professional installation and advice. Our team is experienced at installing skylights into a variety of different types of roof, including older style homes, attics, warehouses and unusually shaped roofs. We use a myriad of materials to suit your style preference and your purpose. Our products are perfect for tradesman and renovators because they are easy to handle and install. We are passionate about skylights and the positive difference that natural light can make in your life. P&J’s Skylights has proudly brought the light of the sun into many homes and businesses throughout Windsor South.